Teachers save teenager's life after he goes into cardiac arrest at school

Date Posted: 18/12/2016

A Nottinghamshire mum says quick-thinking staff saved her 17-year-old son's life after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at school.

Sarah Walker says that if it wasn't for staff at South Nottinghamshire Academy, her son, Charlie Allison, would not be with them today.

The keen Nottingham Forest supporter suddenly collapsed at 2.30pm on Friday while exercising in the school's Fitness Suite. The sports-mad pupil, who plays football for Bingham Town, had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest – and every moment was critical as school staff fought to save his life.

The Radcliffe on Trent school has a defibrillator on site – which delivers a charge to the heart – and had just received whole school training on how to use the defib a week before Charlie collapsed.

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